Danish People’s Party calls to stop Green Card Scheme

Denmark bombarded with applications from aliens who will seek jobs in this country. Danish People’s Party will therefore suspend the scheme.

Danish People’s Party calls for an immediate end to the green card scheme, which was the last year has seen a soaring popularity abroad.

In 2008 came the 1000 applications for access to Denmark for a green card. The figures are in 2009 more than quadrupled to 4,460 – only during the first ten months.

The increase in applications creates a serious bottleneck in the Immigration Service, therefore this year could only reach to treat every fourth application. Around 900 have been given a green card, 200 have been denied. And now hiver government support batch of hand brake.

“Either the system is closed completely or it may suspend the year, and then we introduce a quota so that annual maximum may be issued by 1000 green card from next year. The increase in the number of applications is very fast at the moment and simultaneously increase unemployment in Denmark, so we are no longer so much needed to close the labor from outside, “said the party’s integration spokesman Peter Skaarup.

DF: We have an emergency brake
In 2008, the DF with the government, the radical and the New Alliance as part of a larger job plan that aliens through a special scoring system may be allowed to come to Denmark and apply for jobs without first having a definite job offer in hand.

But according to Peter Skaarup secured party in 2008 the possibility of ‘pulling the emergency brake “if the labor needs changing.
He would not comment on whether the lot is ready to step right out of the Settlement of job plans, if the other parties put on his hind legs. And it seems to. Both government parties and the radical believes that Danish People assess the situation completely wrong.

“We can see that especially people without education who become unemployed at the moment. But the green card is given primarily for trained manpower, and the people we would still like to Denmark, “said spokesman Henriette Kjaer (K).

“We fought hard to get green card scheme is introduced, and therefore we could not dream of using the economic crisis to lower it again. If there are many applicants, it just shows that we are an attractive country to work in. We should be nervous if there was anyone who tried. But we must not be so afraid of skilled labor from outside. It has Danish businesses need, “said Vice President Morten Østergaard (R).

DF: The unemployment rate is too high
Peter Skaarup believe that candidates with all kinds of background searches on green card, and when unemployment in Denmark is generally increasing, the system slowed down. Since the agreement was signed in 2008, unemployment was 2 percent. Today it is over 4 per cent.

Because of the many applications it has become very difficult for the Immigration Service to process applications on time. The aim is that applying for a green card to be processed in 30 days. But the reality is that candidates with an education from a non-EU country for cutting waiting 170 days for an answer. For applicants with a degree from an EU country is waiting 156 days.

“It is a big problem for the system usability and validity that the procedure takes so long. We must find a solution. Either by making the application process easier or move around on the resources of management, “said Henriette Kjaer.

The system made up today
The lots behind the Green Card scheme will meet Wednesday to discuss the scheme’s future. Here, Peter Skaarup also express a concern that in going abroad systematic fraud against the Danish green cards.

‘In a very short time, the arrival of an unexpected number of applications, specially made by Indians and Pakistanis. They fill up to 70 percent in the deck. It seems as if something is orchestrated by agents in the region of the world who will serve wretched Mammon on the Danish system. And when there is much to suggest that we can use the people who apply, bring the serious questions about the appropriateness of the entire green card scheme, “says Peter Skaarup.

But cheating is in itself not enough to stop the scheme, says Henriette Kjaer.

“Fraud must of course be stopped, and it is a matter for the immigration authorities if someone tries to abuse the system. But we must not stop it entirely for that reason. We would indeed like to have Indian doctors and engineers from Pakistan, “said Henriette Kjaer.

Left: Quotas are a bad idea
It succeeded Tuesday night not to get integration minister Birthe Ronn Hornbech (V) position to the Danish People’s Party demands for a cap on the number of green cards or the ability to make the proceedings of the Immigration Authority faster. But the V-integration rapporteur Karsten Lauritzen opposes the idea of quotas:

“We have a problem with processing time and a problem with fraud. But I do not think we should make an allowance and introduce cap for the scheme. It will go beyond the wrong, “said Lauritzen.

SOURCE: http://politiken.dk/politik/article849146.ece


3 responses to “Danish People’s Party calls to stop Green Card Scheme

  1. Hi everybody,

    I am a Physiotherapist from india. I am planning to apply for Green card. Is there jobs available for Physiotherapists. Is it mandatory to know danish?
    Kindly guide me. I have work experience more than 8 years. I ahve completed my masters in Physiotherapy

  2. Hi ,
    For almost all jobs we need fluency in Danish. Especially in your case. You have direct interaction with customers right?
    Don’t worry ! Here the Govt teaches Danish for free. More over to this you must have atleast 4 to 5 lakhs INR with you to get a house here for rent. Only then you can apply for CPR (central personal register) number. Without CPR you may not be able to get even a part time job.

    +45 71800740

  3. hai everyone

    the danish greencard schme is completely failure one. most of my friends are working in issue newspapers, gardening,dishwashing, waitress. these people are working in india high software industries. many of the pakistanis and indians written back to her own destinations. because he could not surivial in denmark. completely failure in greencard scheme. so be aware in your consultants. high tax, danish language is the main problem. so dont spoil ur careeier.

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