TV2 Program on Green Card Holders

Ramesh Kumar, 34, has worked for 10 years as a lawyer in India.

Until recently, he dreamed of earning good money as a lawyer in Denmark.Now he rates on working as a cleaner or dishwasher in Copenhagen.

“It is impossible to get a good job that suits my qualifications. So I am now interested in anything just to survive,” says Ramesh Kumar.

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More are on the way
Ramesh Kumar is one of the 1,373 foreigners who have been Greencard since the system was expanded in summer 2008. But far more is coming.

The number of applicants has risen from 816 in 2008 to nearly 5,800 in 2009. And right now there is a backlog of more than 5,000 cases awaiting a decision from the Immigration Service.

Indians with Greencard washes up
The idea was that they should ensure Danish companies highly skilled workers but the reality is that many of them end up getting unskilled odd jobs.

“I have met many Indians with Greencard in Copenhagen and they are either unemployed or else they work as a newspaper deliverer, dishwashing or cleaning,” says Ramesh Kumar.

There are no figures on how it goes with Greencard foreigners in Denmark.Up to 60% will never get a CPR number, which probably covers that part using the system as tickets to other EU countries. And then there are those who stay in Denmark – they show up on employment services.

“It has happened in the last year. There is starting to get very many. And even if they have high education and experience, they can often not get work. Among other things because they do not speak Danish. And so they end up typically with a cleaning ‘, “says employment consultant in Jobcenter Copenhagen, Hanne Christensen.

Many pinched
Often Greencard receivers from poor countries indebted himself to go to Denmark. Therefore, they are forced to take a job after arrival in Denmark.

“There are so many that have been trapped in the system here. It is extremely expensive for them to travel to Denmark. And they think in fact that there are jobs in Denmark, where there is now a green card system. Why should the government abandon the scheme here, “says Kannathasan Pandian, who is chairman of the Association of Indians in Denmark.

By December the government decided to support the Liberal Party and Danish People’s Party to Greencard scheme should continue. But recent data have now integration minister Birthe Ronn Hornbech to launch an investigation. It shall determine the progress of the foreigners coming to Denmark on Greencard. And whether Danish companies are satisfied with the scheme.



9 responses to “TV2 Program on Green Card Holders

  1. Please stop this scheme so that the other people are not effected. Secondly please give some handsome money so that these green card holder people can go back to there country and start life again. This scheme is basically for odd job, nothing more.

  2. Laxman Timilsina

    I am wholeheartly agree with abu bakar. the green card scheme spoiled the career , future n the life of many educated people who had the good life in their own land with satisfied life . no way to escape from this grave easily bcoz so many things we have forsaked . so the new people shouldnot be betrayed with this sweet but nasty green card word .

  3. Dipendra Poudel

    Stop being childish and act like a man…it is your own desicine to come to Denmark,not Denmark is forceing you to come over.Denmark is a good sels man who sold his product in a better way..You paid it thinking that you gonna make more out of it ,but opposite happended,so live with it or go back…donot blam on system or denmark…blamon ur decision and ur dream…imagine ,what if u coul make better on denmark,may be imagine be a doctor ,engineerer or something…would u have given credit to denmark ,,,no sure u gonna say u did ur self,,,so once again donot blam ur wrong decision on system and donot act like winney,,,no one like winey…oh yaa i m foreigner ,studied here and i m also on green card ,i m working cleaning jobs as well.if it is not good then leave ,sure u will leave if u find better so why should denmark give u job when u will leave as soon as u will get better place

  4. Hi.
    I have obtained Greencard. However, I have not left my job and country yet. I want to know about the job prospects. I have an MS degree in HR Management from US.

  5. Sincer advice is don’t leave. You will repent.

  6. greencard scheem is good people donot understand there are high level poverty in india. and people cannot get more then 15000 Rs. Good money is not possible for everyone and everywhere in India,so what ever you do in denmark atleast better for kids and free medical also get more money in labour job here then India . so smile and come and enjoy best part of europe.

  7. I appreciates positive comments. It is not bad to come over here and search for opportunities. All negative comments show disappointment and discouragement but why you don’t think about positive aspects as mentioned by Neel.

    I know it is little discouraging for people with good education and experience but try to think positively and plan for long-term. You got the visa for Denmark means you can do much better than living in Pakistan, India, and Denmark.

    Spending life in just 15000 or 20000 salaries in developing countries and no free medication. Crime rate and other negative things of such countries cannot be neglected. So, believe on ALLAH and do struggle.

    Anyone need good advice can contact me. I welcome good writers especially in marketing, management, and finance domains. Please notice I said GOOD writers not everyone.

    You can contact me on


  8. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say that you’ve done a superb job with this.
    In addition, the blog loads very quick for me on Chrome.
    Exceptional Blog!

  9. I agree with Sajid that this blog and lots of other websites like this propagate negativity and disappointment. I also feel that some 20ish percent successful people do not read and contribute to these blogs because they are busy in their successful life. all these failure stories are from developing countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan where the concept of service and employment is totally different from that of Europe. I have seen 100s of people repenting and cursing themselves in the UK when they realize that their English and qualifications are different from what is required. European work environment is much faster and require extremely different skills than used in the developing countries. another problem is that people from South East Asia are never willing to adapt to the new culture and they religiously stick to the culture which practically they have rejected and abandoned. There is a long list of factors that contributes to the failure stories of green card holders. I think we should also do some self analysis and see apart from having a good MA and experience in a totally different market, what we lack that stops us becoming a part of the Danish society. Isn’t it a bitter fact that many of the immigrants have moved to Denmark assuming that kids will have free education and danish support system is one of the best in the world. In return, we want Denmark, to accept our culture, accept anything biased/prejudiced things we do in the name of religion or patriotism, consider Danish people as “different” from us and expecting the government to do everything for immigrants because she has granted a visa. without considering our faults, and blaming the system, we are not only damaging our own morale but also discouraging prospective immigrants by showing them one side of the picture – that is showing what is bad about Denmark and not addressing what is good about Denmark plus what is lacking in us that is one reason of failure. I have one more questions to all people who complain against system: when you were back home, system was bad so you could not find a place there; now you are in Denmark and this system is bad TOO so you cannot find a place here. Would Australian or Canadian system be better (which is more or less similar) or that will be bad too if it could not appreciate what you have to offer them?

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