Only one third of Green Card Holders obtained employment

Only one third of the well-educated foreigners who have obtained a Green Card permit to Denmark, is employed. It is extremely worrying, says Danish People’s Party. Integration Minister will now have the system studied.

By Joanna Vallentin
Friday the 26th March 2010, 23:18

For almost two years has educated residents could get a green card. A card that gave them access to Denmark and the Danish labor market. Since 2008, 1,273 skilled foreigners from outside Europe allowed to come into Denmark and work. The green card was made to ensure that Danish companies were highly educated workforce.

But figures from the Labour Board now shows that only one third of foreigners with green card had a job in Denmark last year. And it can be felt at job centers, where more and more skilled green card holders have begun to emerge within the past year:

“There are more and more educated green card holders and ask whether we can help them after they persistently tried to get a job. They are very, very disappointed that it is so difficult to find a relevant job, and some of them end up taking cleaning job, “says employment consultant in Jobcenter Copenhagen, Hanne Christensen.

Danish Industries is surprised that not more of the skilled foreigners are employed:

‘Still a success’

“It is talented and skilled people, and therefore I am amazed that they go around and are unemployed, but it caused enough greatly crisis,” says labor political boss in DI, Steen Nielsen, who still believes that the scheme is a success:

“We have attracted many talented people with the right skills and we need them as soon as there comes time in the wheels again.”

Integration Minister Birthe Ronn Hornbech (K) did not want to talk to Berlingske Tidende yesterday, but in an e-mail informs the Minister that she will now undertake a review of Green Card scheme. It shall determine the progress of the foreigners coming to Denmark on green card, and whether the Danish companies are satisfied with the scheme.

DF: Highly disturbing

The Social Democratic one is concerned about the scheme:

“When green card system is used properly, is good, but it must of course respond to the intentions. Therefore, it worries me that there are more people in work, for it is absolutely not the intention, “said rapporteur of the Social Inclusion, Henrik Dam Kristensen. He is also pleased that the Minister now entering the case. The same Left:

“We must now see if the system works on the political intentions. But we will not decide what to do with the system when the investigation is clear, “says integration rapporteur Karsten Lauritzen (V), which emphasizes that Denmark needs precisely this workforce in the future.

The Danish People’s Party has long criticized the system because it is concerned that the card being abused as “entry ticket” to Europe.

“The figures are extremely worrying and we will now discuss it with the minister. The figures here are signs that we have more ammunition to argue against this scheme here, “says integration rapporteur Peter Skaarup (DF).

The results of the green card study will be published in September.


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