A survey report about green card holders by Ministry of Integration.

Highly skilled foreigners work as unskilled

Almost one third of the highly skilled foreigners work in Denmark on Greencards, work as unskilled workers – typically in industrial, cleaning, hotel and catering industry. It shows a new study reveals how the Green Card system works.

The points-based Green Card scheme which allows highly skilled foreigners to enter Denmark as a job, entered into force in July 2008. Greencards were together with a number of other schemes to attract skilled foreign workers and thus increase the labor supply in Denmark.

To discover whether Green Card scheme has proven successful, Ramboll has carried out a review of the Ministry of Integration.

The study shows in particular that 27 per cent. those aliens who will get a greencard, never travel to Denmark and that 20 per cent. of those who come here do not work.

The study also shows that a significant proportion of Green Card holders who have managed to find jobs in Denmark, working as unskilled. 31 per cent. of the employed greencard-holders are thus working in industry, cleaning, hotel and catering industry.

Integration Minister Birthe Ronn Hornbech says the review:

“The survey confirms my suspicion that the Green Card scheme is not used as intended. The intention was to get highly qualified workers to Denmark. This study shows that the system used for anything else than to recruit highly skilled labor. Employers are using instead of the other schemes to get the highly skilled workers in Denmark, says Integration Minister Birthe Ronn Hornbech and continues:

“I will now discuss the matter with the parties that are behind the scheme. I believe we must provide foreigners with a Danish graduate degree easier access to the Danish labor market. However, it is not intended that the Green Card system will be used to fill unskilled positions. ”

If the results of Ramboll study applied to the 1,276 foreigners who were issued a greencard in 2008 and 2009, shows the calculation that 27 per cent. never entered Denmark, 20 per cent. are unemployed in Denmark and 31 per cent.performs unskilled work in Denmark.

According to calculation, it is only 22 per cent. Holding a job in Denmark for his education (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Overview of Green Card holders 2008 and 2009
Figur 1: Overblik over greencard-indehavere 2008 og 2009

Note: Total population is 1,276 people who got greencard in 2008 and 2009. The figures should be interpreted with caution, as percentages of the three categories – free, low-skilled work involving the use of education – intended PBA. results from Ramboll study, based on a sample of 301 persons.
Note: Working with the use of training covers a range of position types of academic work, engineering, IT, finance, sales / purchases and marketing.

Facts about the survey

Ramboll study is based, inter alia, on questionnaire surveys among 301 greencard-holders residing in Denmark.

Ramboll estimate that the survey is representative and gives a good impression of Green Card holders situation in Denmark.

The survey was conducted from April to September 2010.

Source:  http://www.nyidanmark.dk/da-dk/Nyheder/Pressemeddelelser/Integrationsministeriet/2010/Oktober/hojtuddannede_udlaendinge_arbejder_som_ufaglaerte.htm



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