Green Card visa rules and regulations:

VISA Extension

  • Any kind of work/job is eligible for extension of green card. There are no specified rules for nature of job for extension according to Immigration Officer said during the conference.
  • Green card visa can be extended for 1 year further provided that applicant has 10 hours/week job in written contract.
  • There will be NO TAX Deduction on 10 hours/week or 40 hours / month earning because of Monthly Personal Allowance Exemption.
  • Extension must be applied two months before the expiry of visa, if there is a delay in the application then it will be rejected.
  • You must have a contract of ten hours per week job when you apply for extension.

Visa freezing:

  • There is no concept to Freeze your visa. But you can apply for dispensation with a condition that your visa duration will continue.

Visa dispensation:

  • Approval of dispensation is dependent on your reason for leaving Denmark, and Your stay duration in Denmark etc. The details about rules are mentioned on the official website:

  • Anyone can apply for green card visa more than one time. (e.g. if visa cancel)

CPR issues:

If your CPR will be cancelled by any reason (even for one day), then your visa can be cancelled. So you have to apply for visa again.

Danish Language

Green card holders are allow to attend Danish Language School for FREE for first 3 years from their CPR Issuance Date. After 3 years  (If  someone has not  completed/passed  the Danish Language Test ) he has  to pay the fee if he wants to attend the school for fulfilling any
language requirement such as applying for Permanent Resident Card etc.

Bank Loan

  • Green Card visa holders are not eligible to apply any Loan in Banks and other financial institute. To apply any loan, one should have Danish Permanent Resident Card
  • Most of the Danish Banks such as Danske Bank and Nordea are not familiar with Green Cad Visa system. They often treat us as Student Visa holders because students are also allowed to do work/job.


7 responses to “Green Card visa rules and regulations:

  1. mohammad zaheer uddin

    Thank for the offer of green card scheme,its ok that the skilled labour to a
    attract for going . we are runinng travel agency we can provide as many worker.

  2. Syed Amjad Ali

    brother I came to Denmark five days ago and there I have no friends or relatives in Denmark .Here the situation is tough and I need CPR No. If you can arrange any body that can give me address so that I can make my CPR.

  3. I look over via google translate – look after up with the updates !


  4. Muhammad Ashraful Alam

    dear all,
    I Muhammad Ashraful Alam from Bangladesh, Business post graduate and self employed, I just want to know what is CPR. and how I can apply for Denmark to live & work .

  5. Hi,
    I submitted my Danish Green Card application at VFS centre London on 13/01/2012, I paid 6,100 DKK, application fees of Danish green card on official site by my credit card on 12/01/2012.
    I received Rejection Latter from Danish embassy on 13/09/2012, giving me REASON OF REJECTION that I paid wrong amount of fees, the actual fees is 6,275 DKK. So my application is rejected.
    I paid online, so there is no chance of paying less or wrong amount, the important thing is this in January 2012 the fees was 6,100 DKK NOT 6,275 DKK. The VFS London office staff also checked my application before submitting and she told me that every thing is ok and complete. And also I contacted so many time during these last 9 months at their call center they always me that my case is under process.
    How it become possible that they increased fees afterwards and rejects my application.
    What should I do know?
    Can I get any advice please, Thanks.

  6. Hi,
    I submitted my Danish Green Card application through Dhaka embassy on 23/09/2011. I paid my all application fees. I contacted so many time during this 11 month at dhaka embassy. They give me a file id number. And they always told me that my file is under process. There is no message.
    How can i know how mane days it will be process?
    What should I do now?
    Can I get any advice please, Thanks.

  7. HI ..
    If the bank give the loan …is it any problem with to get an a extension
    plz let me know

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