Right-Wing: Drop Green Card Scheme

Danish People’s Party believes green card scheme is counterproductive

Ahead of tomorrow’s 2020 reform package negotiations with the government, the Danish People’s Party (DF) has announced a proposal to get rid of the green card scheme.

With the scheme, foreign nationals can obtain a residence permit in Denmark based on a points system which determines the likelihood of the applicant being able to find skilled work in the country.

DF’s proposal is based on a study by the Ministry of Immigration, which found that 43 percent of those who have obtained a residence permit under the green card scheme are doing unskilled work and are not making use of their educations in their jobs. Some 28 percent are unemployed, while 29 percent are in jobs that are relevant to their educations.

“The whole point of using foreign workforce is that they should be skilled enough to generate growth in the country,” DF social affairs spokesperson Martin Henriksen told public broadcaster DR. “If we drop the green card scheme and instead focus on getting foreigners who already reside in Denmark into jobs, we could save a lot on public support. That’s good long-term economy.”

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the prime minister, is not interested in making any compromises before tomorrow’s negotiations.

“We haven’t even started our talks yet,” he said. “The government has proposed a reform package, which also outlines the challenges facing the Danish economy.”

The Social Liberals have bluntly rejected DF’s proposal. “That is a completely wrong way to approach the growth issue,” said Social Liberal finance spokesperson Morten Østergaard. “We need more growth, and that is exactly what an increased foreign workforce can provide.”

Source: http://cphpost.dk/news/making-the-cut/51434-right-wing-drop-green-card-scheme.html


4 responses to “Right-Wing: Drop Green Card Scheme

  1. Abdullah A M M Yusuf

    It is heartbreaking to talk to someone with a career job at home left for Denmark under the green card scheme for higher level of living and found them cleaning dishes, offices and hotels and underpaid, partially paid. I personally found that a missing link between skilled workers and employers need to be repaired first before stating – whether the scheme itself is a failure or not. But it is true, if the government does not find an avenue to fix the missing link and green card holder does not get skill category job – than surely the programe should be dropped off.

  2. According to the MetroExpress, Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) wants to keep Green Card Scheme and they added if this scheme eleminates,
    it will damage the Danish economy. According to the DF, they want to stop the GreenCard.

    DI added, we have been very happy with the system and it would be very unfortunate if it is abolished it will not benefit Denmark at short or long term. It would be detrimental to Danish growth, the economy and jobs, says Martin KANGO, course supervisors are in Danish Industry.
    Danish People’s Party proposal comes after a survey from Integrationsmminsteriet have shown that 43 percent of the people who come to Denmark for a greencard, work as unskilled.
    According to Danish People’s Party, it means that there are fewer jobs for unskilled Danish.

  3. Lucky greencard holder

    Hi everyone,

    I am a green card holder and I fortunately belong to those lucky 29% that have found a job which complies with their qualifications. But I have to say that it was a big struggle and I only have to thank to my dedication and 24/7 job searching for 6 months.
    If I may notice, the reason why qualified foreigners are doing some cleaning and other low-level jobs is that once when you get green card and you come to Denmark, you don’t get ANY further help in job searching. I was desperately trying to convince my Danish teachers to help me writing my CV and job application, but all I got as an answer was that I should first learn Danish language and tradition, and then write a job application. And finally when we got to the point of writing the job application, it was “Job application for cleaner”. I was almost screaming that this job application title insults me, but they were looking at me as if I was crazy and arrogant!
    The truth is that there are many skilled people coming to this country and they are simply pushed and encouraged to do cleaning until they “integrate” into “Danish society”, even though they speak English. So, if Denmark wants to keep simple jobs for low-educated Danes, they shouldn’t suppress foreigners to “integrate” before they start searching for a job.


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