CV Making and Job Search Training Workshop

CV Making and Job Search Training Workshop in collaboration with Workindenmark

Hi Everyone,

It was noticed by most of our officials that many Green Card holders do not have any specific training of making a CV according to Danish job market requirements. DGCA has contacted Workindenark to help our members in this specific area. We are soon going to finalize the details with them and most probably there will be a small course arranged for DGCA members within two weeks from now. The course/workshop will be of few hours but it will help the attendees to have better understanding of Danish job market’s requirements.

Please stay tuned to the website. We will be updating the final dates and registration requirements soon. The seats will be offered on the basis of first come first serve.

Kind Regards

Media Coordinator DGCA


2 responses to “CV Making and Job Search Training Workshop

  1. hi all
    follow the link and make your CV according to format also remember your language is all CV
    I think no need any course etc just follow templete.

  2. CV making properly is an important part and if your CV is not properly created, you may get problems in the interview hall.The first stage of an interview is to look the CV.

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