New Rules for Permanent Residence and Family Reunification

New Rules for Permanent Residence and Family Reunification: “A Denmark that stand together.” The government will propose a series of changes in immigration and integration, including changes to the rules for family reunification, permanent residency and citizenship.

These changes might have implications for the conditions you must meet in order to achieve family reunification, permanent residency, citizenship, etc.

® Denmark will introduce a “stay staircase model” where Foreigners in Denmark can always get one step closer to becoming fully integrated into Danish society.

® The Government will abolish the current points system for permanent residence.

® In future, Denmark will provide clear requirements that motivate the individual foreigner to integration – instead of setting barriers that bring foreigners in Denmark farther away from our community.

® Therefore, permanent residence could be achieved after five years. The requirement is that the applicant has had three years full-time employment within the past five years. Education equivalent to full-time employment, as a part-time throughout the period will meet the requirement.

® The requirement for Danish test changed so the applicant must have passed an exam Danish equivalent for Danish first.

® Citizenship test is abolished.

® The other requirements for obtaining permanent residence, including the current requirement to stay out of crime have public debt, implement induction program and implement employment-looking activities are maintained.

® Foreigners with refugee status must achieve exemption from the general rules after 8 years of residence, except from criminality requirements.

® The labor market is an important pathway to integration. Therefore, the government will work to ensure that refugees and wife reunited as quickly as possible get a job. The government wants a model that can support the goal of high participation rate among spouses reunited.

® Among other things, the government will investigate whether refugees and spouse reunified who have had regular full-time employment for 12 months and which has also been unemployment benefits, must have special conditions to preserve the temporary residence permit.

® Foreigners vote in local elections after 3 years.

® The Government will send the clear signal that foreigners who have lived in Denmark for several years and where integration is successful, may become Danish citizens.

® These requirements must be high for Danish citizenship is something special. However, the requirements must not exclude those who make an effort, simply because they do not have a sufficiently high education. And people who have lived in Denmark for many years, should not meet a test where requirements are higher than what many Danes. But the government attaches importance to seekers have not committed any crime.

® In order to obtain Danish citizenship, the applicant now have passed Danish 2 and a citizenship test that emphasizes aspects of everyday life and the active political life, facing citizens in a modern society.

® Applicants must also now have been self-supporting within 2 ½ years of the last 5 years.

® Young was born and raised in Denmark and composed as primary school with average grade 2 offered automatically granted Danish citizenship, unless they are convicted of serious crimes. Young people who are born and raised in Denmark, however, regardless passed the primary exam offered automatic citizenship as 18-year-old, unless those convicted of serious crimes.

® It must be possible to have dual citizenship.

Best Regards,

Mohammad Fasial


19 responses to “New Rules for Permanent Residence and Family Reunification

  1. hi,Faisal .can u drop me an e-mail i would like to know more on this …


  2. Hi muhammad,i’m sheriff by name a citizen of nigeria living in nigeria.purpose of my comment is i wish to be one of denmark citizen,how can it possible for me.if you can put me through,i will be glad.thanks and take care.

  3. hello muhammad…i have a question if you can help me and give me the good answer plz …my question about the danish spouse partner and how long time can they have the citizenship in danmak…i am marry with danish partner and i want to know if there is some changes about the rules in this way …..thank u…

  4. Nowhere mentioned about Danish language test ,mentioned `donnish test` donnish test means donnish language test?
    Md eunus

  5. hi anus!
    what does donnish mean?

  6. hi
    i am from india on green card . got two children came from india in april 2012 one is 4 and other one is 7years are they eligible for children benefit
    could you please email me

    • Hi Tell, what kind of benefit you are asking for? as if you are a green card holder, your children can get free studentship in school and free registered doctor plus hospital, without these you have to maintain and bear all other things for them until you become the citizen. Thank you


  7. I dont think they will change the rules.the rules which is posted above , is it implemented or published in any official site.

    by the way, other than shit jobs , nothing is available in denmark, i think so.dont take it other ways pls.its reality.people shoil know.

  8. Hello Mohammad ,can I have your email address please, I want to know about the danosh citizenship for danosh spouse, my wife is danosh and I want to know after how many years I can apply for the naturalisation. Thanks

  9. Hi mfaisalctg,
    Its nice to know more about Danish GC, thanks.
    Recently I know that I am eligible for DGC.
    I want to know once I got DGC if I go for further study then how much fee I have to pay, same as international student or domestic one (1/4)?
    Please answer if anyone know.

    • If you have DGC, its pretty hard to do study and job in the parallel way because after getting DGC, you have to do work to get your permanent residentship, after getting PR, the education is free for you. But as a DGC holder you have to pay for study as an international non-EU/EEA citizen.

  10. If Indian citizen marry a Danish citizen how long it take to get permanent residence ship…can he work in uk..if he gets temporary visa

  11. Dr Kashif Bilal

    i have two questions in my mind as i applied for Danish Green card.1st what are chances for doctors to settle in Danish health system what i mean is detailed procedure? and what are the chances of approval for doctors after applying as i graduated from Ukraine and i am hearing this repeatedly that its difficult to find job for new immigrants how far it is true? the green card holders eligible to apply for Danish Citizenship? how long it takes and what are the requirements?
    Dr Kashif Bilal

  12. I am from india if i apply to denmark how much time its take to approve for visa i want to work in denmark

  13. i am a spouse of green card holder and have a question if i am eligible to apply for free higher education in denmark

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  15. hi,
    i’m a nigerian and resident in nigeria and wish to come and work and live in demark,also do my master program in law,cos i’m a lawyer and practicing in nigetia for five years now.i don’t know how possible for me to gain visa to wok in denmark and study later as time go on?thank’s.

  16. I’m Jeff from Ghana ,I went to Denmark and I got a Danish girlfriend and she is pregnant now and we have decide to get married, I read the Danish rules and it said if we get married I can’t get a permanent residence because my age should be 24 ,and I’m also 22 so what should I do to leave there with my wife?

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