Letter to Immigration Service from DGCA

Danish Green Card Association had written a letter to Danish Immigration authority on 13th of August. It was related to the concern of our hundreds of members on an extremely delayed process time on extension applications. Till today we have not received a reply from them. We request the concerned authorities to take an action on this serious issue. We also request media to provide proper coverage to our real issues. The letter is copied below for our members and media:


Date: 13 August 2012


Danish Immigration Service

Ryesgade 53

DK-2100 København Ø

Email: visa@us.dk

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the members of Danish Green Card Association, regarding extension of green card visa applications.

As you are already aware that large numbers of green card holder are waiting for their extension, in spite of fulfilling all the criteria(as mentioned on your website) required to get an extension. The waiting period has reached over 12 months in many cases whereas immigration website (http://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-us/authorities/the_danish_immigration_service/service_goals/service_goals.htm) shows that processing time of green card extension application to be a lot less (3 months).

Delay in process and not having any clarification from the Immigration authorities is causing concern and confusion among the members as to what will be the future of Green Card Visa Holders.

The matter has become complicated with the changes in Green Card rules over the time. First of all, when green card was introduced, it stated that successful candidate will get green card visa of up to 3 years and then an extension of 4 years will be granted. Now we would kindly like you to confirm how applications of these people will be dealt with, who have planned their future carrier based on those terms?

Secondly As the current Danish Green Card condition states that after 3 years one year extension will be given, and after that another for 4 years. The matter of the fact is that many applicants have applied for an extension for more than 12 months now. Can we know what would be the rule applying to them now? Should they apply for another extension while the result for the first application is not yet out?

Furthermore this delay in visa extension is causing problem in family reunification and de-void applicants of their basic human rights, as in number of cases spouse visa has been linked to extension of principle applicant.

I hope immigration authorities will soon look into this matter and will reflect their decision on the website so that Green Card Visa holders can have a first-hand information rather than relying on rumours.

Thanks and warm regards,

Muhammad Faisal


Danish Green Card Association (DGCA)

Mobile: 54-53353186

Email: mfa@dgca.dk

Note: This email has following recipients.

The Ministry of Employment

Department for Labour Law, Legal Affairs and International Relations

E-mail: employmentunit@inm.dk

The Ministry of Justice

E-mail: jm@jm.dk


8 responses to “Letter to Immigration Service from DGCA

  1. Thanks for sharing the letter. You have put everything that we wanted to ask.

    But, it is almost 1 months, then don’t even respond to the letter. As if they don’t care. That’s really strange. This should be focused to media. That’s the best way.

  2. I think this letter should reach the media. We should definitely raise our case. I urge you to do that as soon as possible. In my case, my working union will not pay me my daily allowance until a valid green card has been issued. keeping in mind that i got this type of visa before, but still the progress is very much delayed. I have written to the immigration services, but they asked me kindly to be patient. I just don’t know why they make is to so complicated in time where most of our official papers ( language, banks, education) have been issued in DENMARK!
    I urge you again as an association to raise this case and not to give up.

  3. don’t you think you send this letter to the wrong office? The greencard department is belong to another ministry right now…..

  4. No, because the ministry’s address details were not separately written on website when we wrote it. The letter was forwarded to the right ministry and we got a reply. The process has also improved a lot now.

    With Kind Regards,
    Media Coordinator DGCA

  5. Dear Sir, Muhammad Faisal
    The President of Danish Green Card Association (DGCA).
    Thank you very much for your kinds letter written. I have seen your very important letter to the The Ministry of Justice and The Ministry of Employment on behalf of all Green Card Applicants. We are all waiting for that kind of response by the honourable minister soonest.

  6. Dear Adeel , can you please share the reply received and the improvements to the process

  7. Shahid Bhatti

    it has been 18 months now in my case but no reply yet…

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