DGCA has signed Copenhagen Diversity Charter

DGCA has signed Copenhagen Diversity Charter. Copenhagen has a goal to be the most open and welcoming city in Europe in 2015. In order to achieve this, Copenhagen must meet the three values. They must treat ethnic minorities well, they should regard diversity as a strength and they have to work against racism and discrimination. You can discover DGCA by clicking the link here- http://www.blanddigibyen.dk/skrivunder/mangfoldighedscharter/


3 responses to “DGCA has signed Copenhagen Diversity Charter

  1. Hi ,
    I want to apply for the Danish Green Card for me and my wife as my co-applicant and I need to know how much does it cost to apply for it for me and my wife as my co-applicant ?

    Thanks for your helpful answer.

  2. Hi i am a DGCH, after a year or so in Denmark I still find very difficult to get a job in here, I afraid most Dane are not willing to give any qualified job to foreigners regarding how qualified you are for the position. It is your choice but probably you will end up wasting your hard earned savings and/or feeding the danish gov tax office by doing a very low skill job such as kitchen assistance if you are lucky. I would prompt to look for another country if possible. Good luck!

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