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  1. Dr. Kalyan Kirtania

    I am Dr. Kalyan from Bangladesh, recently got green card & came in Denmark for more than a month. But still can not manage a job.I can do any short of job. Can any body help me regarding the job. If any body have any opportunity, pls inform me as early as possible. My e mail– & my mobile no– 45-91467078.

    Thanks to all in advance.

  2. is there anybody help me out..?
    I got green card in november 2010 nd had to leave DK due to my mother illness at my home country. Nw i want to move back to DK. Since my visa had expired jst a month ago.hw can i come back? Whay are the possibilites? I want to mention dt i applied for dispensation of my green card at that time bt nver knw the outcome..plz guide me..thank you all.

    • Dr kalyan Please go back to your country don’t waste your skills, energy and time in this country otherwise you will end like an odd job forever!!

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