Members of New GC Reforms Committee from July 2014 

Naqeeb Khan | Spokesperson (
Aamir Sohail |Coordinator (
Mohammad Faisal | Member (
Kingsley O. Ezeoma |
Intern/media Coordinator (
Muhammad Abu Sayeed |
Welfare organizer (
Laxman Gairhe |

Members of Executive Committee from October 2012 to June 2014

Mohammad Faisal | President (

Adeel Asghar | Member Executive Committee (

Kingsley O., Ezeoma | Member Executive Committee (

S. Salman Ahmad | Member Executive Committee (

Bhawna Gesota Member Executive Committee (

Jeff Reynolds Member Executive Committee (……


Ex-Board Members from October 2011 to September 2012

Mohammad Faisal | President (

Adeel Asghar | Media Coordinator (

S. Salman Ahmad | Member Executive Committee (

Azad Hadadi |  Events Coordinator (

Victor Bosie-Boateng |  Community Representative – Ghana (

Ujwal Neupane | Community Representative – Nepal

Abdullah Yusuf | Administrative and Secretarial Support (

Kingsley O., Ezeoma | Internship project Coordinator (


Ex-Board Members before September 2011

Aamir Sohail | President

Shahid Nadeem |  Project Manager – Internship Program

Ali Dogan Salva | Community Representative – Turkey

Adeel Asghar | Media Coordinaotr/ Convener

Ambrose , Obimma  | Community Coordinator, Nigeria

Bhuwan Chhetri |  Representative – Nepal

Kashif Tufail |  Representative – Pakistan

Mohammad faisal|  Representative – Bangladesh

Azad Hadadi|  Representative – Iran

Victor Bosie-Boateng|  Representative – Ghana

Assad Malik |  Photographer


18 responses to “Team DGCA

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  2. Team DGCA is great.Here are many people with different nationality.But the team is compact.

  3. Assalam-o- Alaikum to DCGA team

    I have arrived in copenhagen under green card scheme. I am master in chemical engg. and MBA in marketing and also having the eight years operation experience. I am in search of job on field or off field. I shall appreciate and shall be specially thankful to those assisting me in this connection.

    My addres and contact number:

    AEBELOGADE 27, STTV 2100

    CELL: 91446696


    Chemengr Abbas

  4. Hi One Team,
    Recently I know that I am eligible for DGC.
    I want to know once I got DGC if I go for further study then how much fee I have to pay, same as international student or domestic one (1/4)?
    Please answer if anyone know.

  5. Hi Member of DGCA,
    i have recently got the green card and very essentially need any job. Please inform me if You know someone looking for anyone for job.Thank You all.
    Best wishes,
    Zahir Uddin(Zantu)
    Mobile no: 71508924.
    study area- Biomedical technology.

  6. Address available for registration
    contact 71835131

  7. hello to all i’m young moroccan i need a permit work to denmark can ypu help me plz email mobile 00212604407655

  8. Hello I need a one room apartment on rent kindly inform me on this number….71675553 Thank you

    • Hello Bushra,This is Abrar from India and travelling to Denmark next Month.Let me know if you have rented a house over there and what is the best place to stay and should be affordable.You can contact me on would be looking for accomodation once I reach denmark.Thanks

  9. Hello Team,

    I have applied Green Card Scheme from Nepal on 22nd October 2013 , but till now there is not any decision comes from Denish Official and authority ? Could please suggest me regarding this issue ? Is there any specific number from where i can get update ?

    • Hi Pritam,

      Its Raza here from Uk, I have applied DGCS on 17 Oct 2013, recently I have received a letter from Danish Agency about Assessment of educational qualification, well I can give you their contact number which I found in that letter.

      +45 72 14 20 00

      You need to mention your Case No:

      Hope it will help you.

      Best of Luck

  10. Hi ,
    I m coming from pakistan resently ihave no residence till now . Im in a great trubleI .I want a shering base residense . Pls let me inform on 71880975 rabove mail .thanx

  11. Hi everyone,

    I have completed bachelor degree in computer science and information technology. I have experience in networking. Please help me the job if any associated with my job experience and qualification.

  12. Hi everyone,

    I have completed degree in computer science and information technology. I have experience in networking. Please help me the job if any associated with my job experience and qualification.

  13. Hi everyone if someboday need to transfer their home to one place to another ( flytter) with good price plz contact 71978296 shan

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