The Danish Green Card Holders Association (CVR: 33177526) was established on 20th October, 2010 as a “Frivillig forening” non-profit organisation providing non-formal education to Danish residents especially foreign professionals. We educate residents through seminars and conferences where some renowned Danish speakers talk on various topics bordering on job search, finding a house to live, where to get necessary information, labour market e.t.c.

Many young professionals came to Denmark on Green Card Scheme in search of better career options. But there has not been such a platform to gather them all, and provide career related information to them.  So this website was created to collect all related news. activities, and information at one place. Also to create a bridge between Danish government, and green card holders to communicate with each other.

Mostly articles in this website are taken from different newspapers, magazines, and TV channels.

These articles are translated by using Google translator (So there could be some grammatical or spelling mistakes).

Original source of articles is given at the end.

This website is not for profit purpose.

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3 responses to “About

  1. Its really a helpful tools to all green card holders. Wish to see updated all the time

  2. I would like to join the group and wish also to work in denmark.Am a kenyan and currently working in saudia arabia

  3. This poem is dedicated to all green card holders who are living like slaves in Denmark.

    The life of a pirate is not so dangerous
    nor is a bashup in a police lockup
    spying too is not very dangerous

    to be woken up in the middle of the night
    by the secret police
    I admit is nerve wrecking
    so is the quiet lonely fear
    which follows you
    and throttles your chest
    when you are locked up in a cell
    on a framed up false charge
    for a crime you did not commit
    all this I admit is bad enough
    but all these are still not so dangerous

    because the most dangerous thing is
    to live like a dead man
    when you don’t feel any thing
    when the routine of daily life saps you totally
    the fixed life of
    home to work
    work to home
    that is a life without dreams
    that is the most dangerous thing

    that is when
    the hour is alive and kicking for everyone
    excepting for you
    that life is the most dangerous thing

    like the eyes of a dead fish
    you stare at everything
    but cannot feel anything
    about yourself
    or about others
    that’s why
    the most dangerous are those people
    who have forgotten how to love people
    for such people
    live and shift aimlessly
    in the ordinary humdrum orbit of their lives
    in which nothing happens
    nothing moves
    like a placid cemetery

    these people
    are like that cold blooded moon
    which feels nothing
    no pain, love, sympathy or revulsion
    when it goes over the courtyards
    of the innocent victims
    butchered in a slaughter

    the most ugly sight is
    that of a debauched old man
    who is trying to sing a melody
    but only succeeds in racking his weak chest

    So the most dangerous life is the one
    in which our conscience doesn’t prick you
    because your soul is dead
    that’s why I say

    piracy is not so dangerous
    spying is not so dangerous
    bashup in a police lockup is not so dangerous
    the most dangerous life is…

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