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  1. Hi,
    Please add me as a member


  2. Muhammad Shair Ali

    i want to join DGCA .


    Hello Group Members
    I deeply interent to joint this DGGA

  4. Hi
    I want to know how one can know whether he is register or not, I meant to say is there any portal through which register member can login

  5. Most treacherous is not the robbery

    of hard earned wages

    Most horrible is not the torture by the police.

    Most dangerous is not the graft for the treason and greed.

    To be caught while asleep is surely bad

    surely bad is to be buried in silence

    But it is not most dangerous.

    To remain dumb and silent in the face of trickery

    Even when just, is definitely bad

    Surely bad is reading in the light of a firefly

    But it is not most dangerous

    Most dangerous is

    To be filled with dead peace

    Not to feel agony and bear it all,

    Leaving home for work

    And from work return home

    Most dangerous is the death of our dreams.

    Most dangerous is that watch

    Which run on your wrist

    But stands still for your eyes.

    Most dangerous is that eye

    Which sees all but remains frostlike,

    The eye that forgets to kiss the world with love,

    The eye lost in the blinding mist of the material world.

    That sinks the simple meaning of visible things

    And is lost in the meaning return of useless games.

    Most dangerous is the moon

    Which rises in the numb yard

    After each murder,

    But does not pierce your eyes like hot chilies.

    Most dangerous is the song

    Which climbs the mourning wail

    In order to reach your ears

    And repeats the cough of an evil man

    At the door of the frightened people.

    Most dangerous is the night

    Falling in the sky of living souls,

    Extinguishing them all

    In which only owls shriek and jackals growl,

    And eternal darkness covers all the windows.

    Most heinous is the direction

    In which the sun of the soul light

    Pierces the east of your body.

    Most treacherous is not the

    robbery of hard earned wages

    Most horrible is not the torture of police

    Most dangerous is not graft taken for greed and treason

  6. This poem for ugly face of Denmark.

  7. Uddin Mohammad Zahir

    Please add me in DGCA list Thanks,

  8. Hi sociologist

  9. marija ivanovic

    Hello everyone
    Can anyone help me find the information regarding maternity leave rights for Green Card Holders? From August I will be unemployed and from September I need to go on maternity leave. Does anyone know whether I am entitled for any benefits while on maternity leave and who can provide me with that information?

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