Danish Green Card Association

Dear Green Card Holders,
You all are well aware of existing/upcoming government policies regarding green card scheme, most of them by-the-way, are not in favor of Green Card holders. We all are already stressed due to not having proper jobs here and then these policies are likely to make our life more difficult.

Each month, hundreds of new qualified immigrants are arriving to Denmark on green card scheme for better career, but Danish government is not providing any kind of facilitation for getting jobs and integrating in society other than free language course.

We all have to raise our voice for our rights, otherwise no one bother about us and most of green card holders will keep on doing odd job or will stay jobless, which is not an ideal scenario for us. That’s why we are going to team up for making an association of green card holders, to bring together all green card holders on same platform, and work for our own rights and better career and a prosperous future.

You all are requested to actively participate in this association for your own sake and invite other green card holders. We need volunteers for event management, promotion, and media work. You can reply to this message to tell us your opinion and what part you can play in this association. Or reply at greencard.dk@gmail.com

Together we create opportunities!

Danish Green Card Association (CVR No. 33177526)
Group on Facebook

Aamir Sohail  |  DGCA Coordinator
+45 50388606  |  greencard.dk@gmail.com


77 responses to “Danish Green Card Association

  1. hej!
    A.Sohail !
    I read your above views regarding Green Targeted Killing in denmark..hha just kidding ,but m totaly convienced already, its very nessasary to gather on tht platform ,n we ve to create oppertunaity ! thay invited us in demark we submitted 1 year fund in our bank account n its about to finished but still no job we r skilled professionals n its really insulting to us doing Odd Job its a metter of our future no body ve right to ruined it ,.any ways ,keep it up !
    Yours Well Wisher

    Khan Sheheryar

  2. Hi,
    We are Bangladesh Green Card Grope appreciate your initiatives. It’s the time to say something now…….. !!!


  3. hi
    it is very essential to come at on motto to save our career and life, may be a good willful try to get some rule eased.

  4. Abdullah A M M Yusuf

    Its a sign of leadership and we do appreciate it. I am here and intend to play my role. I think I will be good use in any planning, managing, writing, propagating activities and generating ideas.

    You know, I am thinking for a while that if we are not doing anything or setting extra0-ordinary examples then how come we could raise our voice or rights to the policy makers. We have to prove that we are not a burden for Denmark, rather we are asset for them.

    Though many of we are doing odd jobs, thereafter I think we could seat together on every first Saturday or Sunday in a place and discuss avenues and do something visible. For example work as volunteer for charity organisatons like homeless danes, clean denmark etc. As a result people will know about the program and about us and we might get more attention if we even add our family members and friends.






  7. May God bless you all in getting your target successful.
    Imminent greencardier.

  8. Hello Everyone,
    I am an SAP Consultant and currently working as an IT Manager and having a very stable job earning USD 3000 / month. I got danish visa on green card basis. Do you think, its wise coming to Denamrk to try my luck.

    I would really appreciate your suggestions.

    Thanks & Regrads,


    • Siddiq vai can u give me your mail adress or con tact no plz?
      I am from Bangladesh. I am an applicant for Denmark under green card scheme & want to cooperate with you for this Greencard process. Kindly add me on face book – noreplaybd@yahoo.com

    • i Think there is so many opportunity regarding SAP but you aware danish language
      some time you will find a job without language
      normally salary is 18000 Dkk after tax
      but it is about your luck as well
      hope u satisfied

  9. Dear Friends

    Aamir Sohai is very much right i got a green card in October and now till February i don’t get the job for cleaning and dish washing as students from Nepal are working on 40 crones per hour due to this nobody want expensive labour i got the GC on master education + 12 year working experience but all is in waste and i return to India and still looking that for hope to return to Denmark but it is not looking possible.

    Amir Bhai, My all indian and Paksitani brothers are in pain and this is shame on us that they are in bad conditions as no settled Indian and Pakistani is helping them moreover they exploited their own brothers and sisters and giving low salary as they know we are in trouble.

    we are very helpless due to lack of unity………………Best Wishes to my GC holders brothers

  10. it is better to go back or just ruined yourself here…

  11. mohammad ali butt

    guys what is the latest scenario regarding the green card scheme.as the situation stands right now verry difficult even to get odd jobs.

  12. Is there any latest news about extension?
    did anyone got extension so far?

  13. All sub continent brothers, what conditions are in denmark. Are you better there? What is the difficult jobs/permit?

  14. 3. Information about employment PLEASE COMPLETE IN CAPITAL LETTERS In order qualify for an extension of a residence permit under the greencard scheme, you must meet one of the following requirements: Be employed in a permanent position, and have been so for the past 12 months, or Have become unemployed within the past three months through no fault of your own. Please provide information about positions you have held in Denmark in the past 12 months, as well as a declaration from your employer(s) (see Appendix 2) or information about salary for the entire period. Declaration from employer must include information about your period of employment, weekly working hours, job title and tasks. If you have become unemployed through no fault of your own, please include resignation letter or similar documentation explaining why you lost your job. Unemployment through no fault of your own includes such reasons as job losses due to cutbacks. Note: You do not need to fill in section 3, if the validity of your current residence permit has been shortened because your passport expired.

  15. Hi Shakeb,
    My email address is siddiq412@yahoo.com. This summer I visited Denmark and stayed there for a month in Slagelse and get registered there. It was fun living there for a month time then I moved back as the situation is not good atleast until you have a conversational danish knowledge. My profession demands heavy interaction with end users and end users are usually comfortable talking native language so thats why its hard to find a job without language skills. I was being contacted by few employers while I was sitting in Pakistan but it ends up with no result.

    I am keep on trying sitting here so lets see. Have a plan to re-visit in next summer and will enjoy chilled summer there.

    For any further, feel free to contact.



  16. Dear

    I would like to be a member with DGCA.
    Can I request you how will I be a member

  17. Halley osobhawo

    how can i get denmark green card? which i really love to have

  18. Guys, I am in Denmark and I advise not to apply for Green card as its just a waste of money. Danish job market is in very bad condition and its not recommended here to come. You will just go back to your home country after wasting a handsome amount plus washing the dishes of danes and cleaning there toilets. Denmark is a very expensive country to survive and you will not get any job. I staued here for 1.5 years and each day I applied for alteast 5 jobs on an Avg per day. I did Masters in Computer Science from Sweden and then I came to Denmark. I am good in my field with having 4 years of exp. I applied hard and also changed my CV according to job requirments but did not get any job. and after 1.5 years I wasted a lot of money for the fee for Danish Green card, my air tickets ,Living expense and most of all I wasted 1.5 years of my golden age. Most of all, the worst thing is that Danish govt do not care of its green holders..I dont know why they have such a behaviour..
    All in all, guys please do not come to Denmark..I suggest apply from your home country and if you got any job then you must come here..otherwise you will after me…

    • I think you are right but I saw mostly people who was talking like that and they went back to home country (Pakistan) but when they did not find any job and they wast the their green card visa and now mostly again applied for dispensation.I think this is better option that some one try from here to find some job in their home country if find some thing there OR some one apply for green card and then go back to their home country ,try for skill job if find fine other wise this is also an opportunity and 29 percent of green card holder have skilled and professional jobs, 43 percent unskilled and 28 percent unemployed.

    • Dear Nasir,
      I have only one question to you. If all are so to bad, whay you live in Denmark? With your european education you can very easy to find the job on your home country.

  19. Yes, you are very right Nasir. I am SAP certified consultant. Its very much in demand around the globe and till this date I made hundreeds of applications to the Danish job market but no response. Think many times going there. Its a gentle advice.

    • Dear Saddiq, May I know how the SAP market in Denmark. Because right now I am in Australia working on temporary visa but I am looking for Danish Green card visa. I am working here on SAP CRM.

      What do you suggest.


  20. Md. Azharul Bari Chowdhury

    Hi… I m shiplu from bangladesh, i wanna take denmark pay limit scheme & will come in denmark with pre set job. is it possible?

  21. Hi…..when i get green card visa how can i get accomodation??? If i need one room how much money i will pay for rent????


  23. dear nasir vai,
    do you think your experienc is international standard?

  24. I was looked for some Bnagladeshi Electrical engineer in Denmark.
    just to exchange the view which may help each other .

  25. Look at the real reasons(scientific survey) why they don’t employ especially if you are from muslim coutries:


    Unless this xenophobia and hatred all over the world diminishes it is almost impossible to be employed. they have a very ugly picture of us in their mind.

    Forget about your 100 years of future, i don’t think the world will change.

  26. two registration available cont soon

  27. HI everyone.
    I am Master graduate student from sweden….Now i want to apply for denmark Green Card..
    I have heard from my frineds from the month of septbemeber -2012 there will be no visa fee amount of 6000+ DKK .
    Is it rcorrect information or false…
    So kindly provide me correct information regrdaing this..
    For information i will be greatly appreciate you

    Thank you in advance….


  29. Hi Concern:
    I am Rashed. Completed my Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and i have 7 years+ job experiences in engineering field. Now I am interested to relocate in Denmark. Could anyone suggest me about this Denmark Green Card Process. My email is: gebd2010@gmail.com.

    Your kind advice is highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


  30. Hello Brother i am sohail jamil,came in denmark on greencard from abu dhabi. i have PhD degree in Plant Sciences and looking for job here. What you guide me in this connection.

  31. Hello brothers
    I confuse about extension after green card 3 years completion. some people saying that it will be extend if you have professional job but in green card extension conditions on website they did not mansion that job must be professional. is any one know any person who got extension after three years on basis of non-professional job. because this is very big question. some of my friend told me that he called to danish green card authority about this and he said him that job must be profesional…..

    ajmal khan

  32. Hello brothers
    I confuse about extension after green card 3 years completion. some people saying that it will be extend if you have professional job but in green card extension conditions on website they did not mansion that job must be professional. is any one know any person who got extension after three years on basis of non-professional job. because this is very big question. some of my friend told me that he called to danish green card authority about this and he said him that job must be profesional…..

    ajmal khan

  33. Duration and extension

    You can be granted a first-time residence permit under the Greencard scheme for up to 3 years. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to 1 year. Before the end of this period, you can apply for an extension of up to four years.

    Your residence permit can be extended if you have worked for the past 12 months for a minimum of ten hours per week.

    Your residence permit can be extended for one year if you have lost your job through no fault of your own (e.g. due to cutbacks) no more than three months before applying for an extension, and if prior to this, you worked for 12 months for a minimum of ten hours per week.

    When applying for an extension of your residence permit, it is crucial that you submit your application on time, i.e. before your current residence permit expires. Failure to do so will normally result in your application being rejected due to your residing illegally in Denmark. Consequently, an application which is submitted too late will not be processed by the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment. Instead, you will have to leave Denmark and apply for a new residence permit from your country of origin.

    Your residence permit can only be granted or extended up to three months before your passport expires. This means that if your passport expires in 12 months, you can only be granted a permit for nine months, or your permit can only be extended by nine months. If you have your passport renewed after receiving your residence permit, you can apply for the full period.

    If your residence permit expires, and you applied for an extension before your residence permit expired, you can stay in Denmark with the same rights while your application is being processed.

    You can submit your application for an extension no sooner than two months before it expires.


  34. i was looking for a job for the month of august.in copenhagen.if anyone going for leave please give me chance
    cell >91423524

  35. Hi,Anyone applied for Dispensation for Green card and got the response from Immigration,if so please drop me a line or if you have any information regarding dispensation please share.my email id is mushi.elahi@gmail.com


  36. Muhammad Asim Nadeem

    I also apply for dispensation on 11-12-2012.

  37. How the the job market for IT professionals in Denmark as on today? I s there any improvement ?

  38. hi i also apply Dispensation for Green card

  39. any one pls mail me ,bunty6900@in.com

  40. can we find pakistani stores and food chains in denmark? like dall, masala and tandori?
    thanks yar

  41. Hi Ajay,

    Unfortunately my experience is not good from Denmark. You are in an English speaking country & it’s much easier getting to job market in English speakers. In Denmark, language is a big barrier. You may try your luck but my gentle advice is to stay with some English language territories.

    Best of Luck.


  42. Hi all,
    I am an Ethiopian and have DGC residence and work permit and planning to move to Copenhagen on Oct. 31 however, despite my relentless effort I couldn’t find accommodation/room to rent. If there is anybody with information for available rooms please let me know. Thank you for your help.


  43. Ashish Shrivastsava

    hi i am ashish from delhi india coming to Denmark on GC visa end of march with my wife and little baby need accommodation and cpr pls help

  44. Ashish Shrivastsava

    my email id is ash2k60@yahoo.co.uk

  45. how i can apply from Bangladesh for Green card.. can any one guide me..

  46. How long is the visa valid for?

  47. Abedoon Subhani

    Any PAKISTANI still living there and went there on Green card scheme…?? Pleasemention your contact number and email id. Your response will be highly appreciated….

    My skype id is solucion.hub
    Email id: solucion.hub@gmail.com

  48. Yes, everybody are welcome to find Jobs.Collecting Beer Cans, Dishwashing in Big Hotel and Restaurant, Toilet Cleaning in Conference Halls and Hotel, Housekeeping are available with tough competition. Black jobs are available that is 1/4 of White money given by ASIANS Immigrants especially Arabs and Pakistanis. Out of 10,000 individual Green Card approx. 90% are doing these jobs rest are lucky. Almost 70% are working part-time. It is Spider-Web once you come very hard to escape.

  49. Is it possible to get dispensation on the basis of Studies?? If anyone applied and got..Please guide me via email , skyhawk@yours.com // Best Regards

  50. What is the current situation about getting professional jobs now ? please tell me i did MBA twice from Pakistan and England and now applied for GCS ?

  51. So please tell me that i am looking to get jobs in the field of Management as having MBA in Human Resources Management from UK. Now i have applied green card scheme for denmark to try my luck there in copenhagen.

  52. ridiculous to go to Denmark. It not a Green card, Its Clean card to get cleaning job over there..

  53. HI,
    I have applied for Denish Green Card and my job experience also relates to their published Positive list (Business Controller & Analyst) that’s why i proceed for this initiative. Will this positive list help me to get job their or not???

  54. HI,
    I am Indian citizen and looking forward to migrate Denmark under Denish green card scheme. I am Audit professional with 9 years of work experience and at present working in Central Africa. I would like to know is it possible that on my behalf can my family member can apply my application for danish green card scheme. please replay me at ganron22@rediffmail.com

  55. Muhammad Qureshi


    I am Muhammad Qureshi, recently been granted a permit for Denmark. I would like to be a part of the association by contributing my knowledge of management (engineering). I have read about your purpose on the website and I’m impressed to know the help you are offering to existing and new green card holders.
    I have a strong grip on almost all sorts of management from my previous qualifications and experience and I believe I can support with the remodelling of the existing processes in your organisation (if needed), also I would like to volunteer for event management if that’s possible.

    Thank you very much for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


    The opinion I would like to give here is, no one should be disappointing anyone. We all believe in Allah, don’t we? So if He’s given you a chance to get to Denmark, I think your ‘RIZQ’ is already written there in one form or the other. We should always be thankful for what we get.

  56. I have a question. I got Danish green card scheme residence permit. The visa decision has been taken almost one year after application. By this time I got so many family problems. I wanted to know that what if I do not go to Denmark at the end ? Will it be a big problem in future if I want to ask for visa to travel in any other country including European country?

  57. I believe everyone got different skills and luck . when language is free of cost in Denmark I don’t think it takes more than 6 months to master it provided one should take seriously . Like in Masters we all must have studied 12 – 16 subject a years , so why cannot we make Danish as 4 subject READING WRITING LISTENING AND SPEAKING and work on it I am sure most of us end up in atleast administrative or clerical or atleast cashiers jobs that will also fetch good money compare to our home country salaries which is miserable.

    I suggest everyone to not look back , if you go back it will be worst than before .

  58. Please contact if you need to register you’re addrees somewhere

  59. hi….i would want to volunteer be part of the event management.

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